Vision and Mission

Going forward, the Group will keep on exploring the potential of our traditional core businesses, strengthening the management capability and enhancing cost control so as to reverse or mitigate the downtrend in profit. On the other hand, the new board will focus on innovation and assess the operating conditions with an aim to expanding into new business areas, identify new profit growth drivers and diversify the risks of investment and business development.

Specifically, we will capture the favourable opportunities and leverage on the positive policy environment brought about by the promotion of economic transformation and upgrading as well as the encouragement of energy saving and environmental protection by the Chinese government. We will try our best to capitalize on the prevailing conditions to invest in the development of clean energy projects, such as photovoltaic power, in a proactive and swift manner. We believe that such sectors demonstrate vast growth potential and promising profit prospects, which will not only fully offset the downturn of our traditional businesses, but also revitalize the Company and bring it back on a rapid growth track. We are confident that, with our effort, wisdom, courage and execution capability, we are able to accomplish the mission of our new board of directors, which is providing the maximum return to shareholders and investors.